New York Cosmos Claim 2013 NASL Soccer Bowl

The New York Cosmos made a triumphant return to the North American Soccer League this year by claiming the 2013 Soccer Bowl. Finishing with a 1-0 win against the Atlanta Silverbacks, Cosmos midfielder Marcos Senna secured a 2nd half goal after a series of spectacular saves by Kyle Reynish. The win represented a strong finish for the Cosmos, who had only suffered one defeat all season long.

Though the revival is fresh, the Cosmos name holds a lot of weight with North American soccer fans as the best team this part of the world during the 80’s. Numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to revive the Cosmos and American soccer scene, but low turnout prevented it until recently. The new Cosmos team was officially announced in August 2010, with the 2013 NASL season representing their first foray back into action.

And the Cosmos are just getting started. A proposal was recently submitted to the Empire State Development Counsel in New York City regarding construction of a brand new soccer stadium. Cosmos Stadium would serve as both a major retail hub and a home base for the New York Cosmos. The stadium is expected to generate an average revenue of $200 million annually, and will be developed by real estate mogul Carl Mattone and the Mattone Group.

The stadium is anticipated to help revitalize interest in the Cosmos as a local franchise, and eventually in American soccer as a whole. Though the stadium is currently under consideration, the stellar first season the Cosmos have walked away with is sure to help their brand get the jump start it needs.

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