Another Look at Eating Out vs Eating In

A recent article posted on The New York Budget last week really highlights how important it is to avoid eating out for both financial and health reasons. I’m guessing that finding out that eating in is cheaper won’t surprise anyone, but the scale of the cost difference might.

The author runs through two fictional monthly scenarios to demonstrate the costs of eating out vs cooking at home, and to me at least the scenarios pretty accurately depict your average urban lifestyle. “Restaurant Rick’s” monthly total comes out to $1,091, while “Home-cookin’ Holly” weighs in at $377.

And those are raw financial benefits only, not accounting for the health benefits. Not to mention that in today’s fast paced lifestyle, being a good chef is the first step in becoming the modern renaissance man. There are literally thousands of recipes online dedicated to keeping a budget, and cooking cheap has never been easier.

Feel free to look over the article yourself and see what you think here.