Infinity Rooms

Looks amazing. If you’re in NY you owe yourself a visit to this exhibit.

TwentySeven Things: Up In The Air

Every once in a while you find something here on Earth that makes you believe in magic. Not the kind of magic where you giggle after being tricked and teased, but the kind of magic that makes your jaw fall to the floor because something is so beautiful and you can feel a different energy swirling around.

(Note: In the next paragraph I’m specifically talking about the room with the tiny lights, not the one with the giant squiggly things. To be honest, that one reminds me a bit of the Mat Hatter world and creeps me out a bit.)

I would give anything to go to New York and see this art exhibit because just looking at the photos makes me believe in magic. They are called Infinity Rooms and they were created by the artist named Yayoi Kusama. From what I understand, you take a walk through a…

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2 passengers who survived New York train crash intend to sue railroad

(CNN) — Two passengers on the Metro-North train that derailed in New York have filed a notice of claim against the commuter railroad, an initial step in a lawsuit seeking damages in connection with the accident.

Four people died and 67 others were injured in the crash Sunday.

Denise Williams is a retired Army colonel and dentist who was on her way to a convention at the time of the crash. She suffered spine, collarbone and rib fractures after she was pinned inside an overturned car for about an hour, according to her attorney Michael Lamonsoff.

Negligence accusations

Lamonsoff said Wednesday the suit on behalf of Williams will accuse the commuter railroad of negligence. He said state law requires that negligence claims be filed against the railroad, not the train engineer who allegedly nodded off as the train was speeding into a sharp curve.

MTA doesn’t comment on pending litigation…

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