New cold-resistant cockroach species found in New York

The onset of winter brings an extra surprise for New Yorkers this year, who may want to prepare for some new, not-so welcome neighbors. Periplaneta japonica is a cockroach species common in Asia known for being able to survive outside in freezing temperatures, and they’ve just been identified by entomologists in Manhattan.

The new species was identified by an exterminator in 2012, and subsequent research confirmed the identity of the new cockroach species but researchers Evangelista and Wares say not to worry, “this species is very similar to cockroach species that already exist in the urban environment,” says Evangelista, “they likely will compete with each other for space and for food.” More time spent competing means less time spent breeding and harassing humans.

Concerns of cross-breeding to create a new super roach are also mostly unfounded, as genitalia between different species don’t match making interbreeding understandably difficult. Still not the greatest holiday season news, but at the very least your knowledge of insect biology is now a little expanded.


New York City Football Club Announces New Stadium

The New York City Football Club (NYCFC) recently announced that they are “very, very close” to closing a deal with GAL Manufacturing to construct a soccer stadium in The Bronx directly south of Yankee Stadium. The stadium is estimated to cost $400 million and seat 28,000 people.

The NYCFC is still in its early infancy, having only just been formed earlier this year in May as a Major League Soccer Divison I sanctioned team. However, in that short time the club seems to be picking up steam and have appointed soccer veterans Claudio Reyna and Jason Kries as Director of Football Operations and Head Coach respectively.

Though current Mayor Michael Bloomberg has approved the deal, but the team reported that they will wait for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to weigh in. Assuming de Blasio gives his approval, the current timeline would have the NYCFC playing at Yankee Stadium in 2015 and hopefully playing in the new stadium in 2018 or 2019.

The announcement comes soon after other big events for New York soccer. The recent revival of the New York Cosmos as a Division II team and their recent win of the NASL 2013 Soccer Bowl has led to a triumphant first chapter in the team’s rebirth, and may help drive approval for a stadium of their own in Belmont Park.

In a joint proposal with local real estate developer Carl Mattone, the Cosmos are also waiting for the green light to build Cosmos Stadium, which would serve as a retail hub and a home base for the team.